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It's in the eyes, it's all in the eyes. That is what many clients have said after I captured their beloved animal in a portrait. I do believe it is so important to portray the animal as the owner sees them. That being said, I have been commissioned by a number of people to do a portrait for a friend as a gift. In the case of a gift, once the recipient receives their portrait,I will make changes, if desired, at any time. 

Commissions can be a simple drawing up to a traditional oil. The portraits range from headshots with a lot of shadow and deep color to portraits that are a bit whimsical. It is a matter of style, taste and decor as to what you prefer as well as the best type of portrait to capture the subject's personality. Although my style is, well, my style, I strive to make my art enjoyable and affordable in order to fit a range of tastes and budgets. Payments are accepted via check or paypal and a 25% deposit is required at booking. The remainder is due when the artwork is completed. If you are not in my area, Washington, DC, I will send you a proof of the finished piece, the remaining balance is paid and your artwork is shipped. 

I will work together with you to arrive at the end result you are looking for. I can work from photos, take photos, observe the animal when possible and incorporate your thoughts and ideas. I can clean a dirty horse or even add braids if you would like. I can place two dogs together from different photos and I can combine several photos together to arrive at the very best pose. I will show you a proof when your piece is nearing completion so that I can make any necessary changes.If you have chosen me for your portrait artist, I am deeply appreciative and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 



commissioning a work of art

Horse Drawing Portrait by artist BETS
Dog Portraits in pencil by artist BETS




LINE DRAWING 9" x 12"               $ 225.00

LARGE DRAWING to 24" X 30"      $ 750.00


                    ACRYLIC   9" X 12"  $ 275.00

PAINTINGS                    ACRYLIC                            OIL

CANVAS BOARD  14" X 18"---------------------------  $1,000.00--------------------$1,500.00

CANVAS STRETCHED  12" X 24"-------------------  $1,250.00--------------------$1,750.00

CANVAS STRETCHED or BOARD 16" X 20"   ----$1,250.00--------------------$1,750.00

CANVAS ROUND STRETCHED   20"----------------$1,500.00--------------------$2,000.00

CANVAS STRETCHED or BOARD 18" X 24"------$2,000.00--------------------$2,500.00

CANVAS STRETCHED 24" X 24"---------------------$3,000.00---------------------$3,500.00

CANVAS STRETCHED   24" X 30"--------------------$4,000.00--------------------$4,500.00

CANVAS STRETCHED   30" X 30"--------------------$5,000.00--------------------$5,500.00

CANVAS STRETCHED   24" X 36"--------------------$5,000.00--------------------$5,500.00

Horse Jumper portrait by artist BETS Klieger


click on photos to see samples

Horse Painting Acrylic by artist BETS Klieger




oil painting samples by artist BETS Klieger



Acrylic Horse Portraits by Artist Bets Klieger



                                             11" X 14"

         12" X 16"

 $ 500.00

$ 750.00

All art images copyright BETS

                                                          Larger sizes available upon request

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